Each year, TSPN stages a Suicide Prevention Awareness Day event in Nashville as part of its statewide Suicide Prevention Awareness Month observance in September. It is an opportunity to remember those we have lost, celebrate the progress we have made, and re-dedicate ourselves to the cause. You can pre-register for this year’s Suicide Prevention Awareness Day event, scheduled for September 9 in Nashville.

See the latest listings for Suicide Prevention Awareness Month events in your area. This is list is being constantly updated with details as they emerge, so check back often.

You can do something every day to promote suicide prevention in your community during the month of September. See our “30 Days of Suicide Prevention” calendar for suggestions.

Listen to the 15- and 30-second PSAs for Suicide Prevention Awareness Month available for broadcast on your local radio station. Our thanks to Clarksville Now and 5 Star Media for their assistance in producing these spots.

TSPN has a series of promotional graphics for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, suitable for inclusion in newspapers, magazines, and other publications. They are available in a variety of sizes (4×7, 4×3, and 8×1).

TSPN is currently engaging mayors and county executives across the state in its 2017 Suicide Prevention Awareness Month proclamation campaign. TSPN members will reach out to local and city governments to have them sign off on proclamations declaring the month of September as Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in their locality. More information is available in the proclamation press release.

The Tennessee Department of Health has produced a youth suicide prevention infographic perfect for distribution in schools and youth organizations.