QPR is an hour-long, not to mention FREE, training in which your group will learn about statistics regarding suicide in the state of Tennessee as well as how to identify warning signs and risk factors that may put the people in your life more at risk. We like to think of QPR as CPR – anyone who is CPR certified is ready to give assistance in case of emergency until a doctor or more professional help can be reached. QPR is similar in the sense that although no one will walk out of a QPR training a counselor or a mental health professional, they will be able to give assistance and listen to the person in crisis until more qualified help can be rendered.

What we hope to instill in our participants is a better knowledge about what suicide is and and what it is not; we want to debunk the myths as well as give the facts. We want to answer questions, be a resource for those struggling, and in turn have individuals walk out of our QPR trainings as a resource for those in their communities. 

For more information, check out ourWhat is QPR?” page.